PEACEMAKERS-DTC 2024 for emergencies

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The P-DTC 2024 has been moved to an undisclosed location...for further announcement...and is geared towards a GLOBAL UPROAR

Join the GLOBAL UPROAR !!!


Are you looking to get involved in relief & development projects? Join us with Streams Global Relief & Development, Inc. incorporators group and make a difference. Just email us your intention of joining through:

and we will channel you to an Application procedure at your convenience. You may also refer to us anyone who would like to do the short-term training - PEACEMAKERS-DTC in October 2026. Or, you can be the one to take up this compact short-training opportunity!


If you are already engaged in missions... 

Are you still searching for your place in the mission field? Do you feel that getting involved in missions is SUCH A SERIOUS MATTER? Do you feel the risk, danger and difficulties in the field? Then get on and UPGRADE with our new training -- PEACEMAKERS-DTC (GLOBAL UPROAR) -- Inquire and Apply now!


The PEACEMAKERS-DTC (Dispatching Training Course) has been moved to an undisclosed location to form a team to assist Syrian refugees in the Middle East.


+63997 449 4217 / +63949 390 4727

For Application Forms contact us today!

Hurry...register early !!!

Or contact:

The P-DTC 2024 banner/flyer to the right is being updated with another location & date one...pls. bear with us the delay.

Possible Field Assignments:

France, Lebanon, Tanzania, Niger, Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia-Kosovo, South Africa, UK, Washington, DC, Germany, Philippines, etc.


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